Keith George

       Keith has been taking photos for over 20 years.  He began taking photography seriously  as a young teen, and got his first “serious” 35mm camera (a EOS Canon Rebel 2000) in the late 1990's.

       Keith grew up in rural Ontario Canada and is convinced his love for nature and the outdoors came from his upbringing, as well spending over a decade serving in the Canadian military.  Keith's connection with Nature is impossible to describe, it’s in his soul and calms him.  Equally powerful is his desire to create art.  Photography is the perfect medium allowing Keith to fulfill two of his passions.

     Keith is his own worst critic, setting an endless standard of excellence. Keith goes into the field each time with the desire to be better than the last. Keith consistently competes against himself,  striving to continuously learn and strengthen his skills. Keith believes in getting the picture correct in camera to limit his post processing. Keith has evolved into an artist through photography school, seminars, self-lead instruction and endless hours behind my camera.



 I currently use a Canon 7DMkII          


Canon - 70-200 2.8 IS UMS II

Canon - 100-400 5.6 IS UMS II

Canon 1.4 x Teleconverter III 

Canon - 17-55 2.8 IS UMS

Canon - 60mm Macro 2.8

Canon - 50mm 1.4 


Lowepro ProTactic 450AW


Manfrotto 190xPro4 Aluminum